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Philosophy, democracy, really thick yoghurt: all things that the Greeks do extremely well. But BBQ?

You'd best believe it. We've eaten street food from all over the world and in our opinion the Greeks have it nailed - or more specifically, the Cypriots do. In Cyprus, it's all about the foukou - a wide steel fire pit with revolving skewers. It's BBQ in its purest form; heat, smoke, and nothing else. And boy, does it deliver.


Which is why everything we serve is cooked over a foukou. Whether that be fist-sized pieces of local pork, chicken or whole roast celeriac souvla, or bite-sized souvlaki served in freshly baked flatbread, we want you to taste that incredible charcoal smoke in every bite - right here in the Lake District. It's like a beach party in your mouth!


Traditional foukou BBQ is all about the pork. Generous pieces of prime pork shoulder slowly-rotated over smouldering hot charcoal until perfectly crisp and golden. Sometimes it's chicken, maybe even lamb, but thats about it. Tried, tested and perfected over countless generations.

At Wildfire we believe in evolution. 

We still serve pork, and chicken - sometimes even lamb - but we've also taken our BBQ knowledge and applied it to the very best produce we can find in our local area. That means that during the game season you'll find venison, rabbit, woodcock and partridge on our street food and wedding menus; wild foraged herbs, fruits and vegetables; local sustainable fish and shellfish (ever eaten a mussel cooked over charcoal? Wow!); and you'll find a whole host of imaginative vegetarian and vegan BBQ.

We have dedicated foukou used solely for vegetarian and vegan preparations. Whether that be a souvla of thinly-sliced glazed celeriac shawarma, whole roast chervil and burdock root with sunflower tahini, or charred chicory salad dressed with our own coffee kombucha syrup, you'll always find something that little bit different at Wildfire.


As proud Northerners, we at Wildfire feel it our duty to showcase the very best that this great region has to offer. We will source locally. We will source seasonally. We will only accept the highest quality ingredients, and we will show them off in all their glory. Sometimes that will mean complicated preparations, sometimes food in its simplest form; whatever it takes to make our food shine.

And we will do so in an environmentally responsible way. Where possible, we will use green energy. We will use the minimum amount of packaging, and what we do use will always be recycled and/or fully recyclable. We will keep our food miles to an absolute minimum and we will only ever use meat and fish from sustainable stocks. We will work with local initiatives to ensure that all workers within our supply chain receive a fair wage and good working conditions.

And we will always, always keep things interesting.

Want to know more about our ethical approach? Take a look here.

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